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Principal’s Blog

Principal’s Blog


We’re in!

Welcome to my blog! I haven’t done a blog before- bear with me!

I want this blog to be amusing, personal and interesting! It is a way for me to share my thoughts, feelings and excitement as Principal of our school.

So here goes…..

Today was very exciting! We moved into our new building…after many, many months of planning, meeting and disruption! The staff are happy, the students excited, and the Principal relieved that so far it has gone without a hitch! There are a few little things to do… but we’re in!

You are most welcome to come and have a look too!



Principals Blog

I am amazed at the work-ethic of our staff here at Good Shepherd! Don’t listen to others- teaching is not a 9-3 job! Today, I have just finished a day of Kinder interviews. I just walked in the staffroom (at 6pm) to find two teachers proof reading reports, others working in their rooms. (Don’t worry, I told them to go home!) I have attached a photo of a recent staff meeting whereby teachers were doing hands-on Mathematics during a recent Professional Learning presentation. They not only teach 9-3, but attend staff meetings to improve their teaching and sit late into the evening reading reports!

Having quality and hard-working staff makes my job easier! We are honestly blessed at Good Shepherd.



Welcome back to Term 3!

The first day of a new term is always exciting! Staff are buzzing in the staffroom, first thing and chatting about their break. Students are excited too to see their friends and their teachers.

It was great this morning to welcome 7 new students to Good Shepherd!

I visited all classrooms today and catch-up with what has been happening over the past two weeks.

There is always a sense of ‘newnesss’ starting a new term! Energy levels are up too!

Have a great Term 3!



What a fantastic day we had today!

This was one of the best days I have ever had at Good Shepherd- The STEM Fair!

I was extremely proud of all students who had an exhibit or experiment at the STEM Fair. Their hard work, commitment and knowledge was certainly on show for all to see.

The many parents and grandparents who were there too were very proud as well.

Great work to Mrs Corkhill and Mrs Weier on organising and all the work you did.

It was a very proud day as a Principal!

On Thursday, I am taking some projects and students to Parliament House to show our local Senator. That’s pretty cool!

Great day!!




Yesterday I spent the morning working with Kinder Eglington. It was only twelve months ago when these Kinder students were nervously meeting with me about starting big school. Many lacked confidence in Pre-School, many could not recognise their own name let alone other letters.

Watching Mrs Eglington in action and working with these students was amazing! It is quite incredible how far they come in just a few months. The students were working in their literacy block and engaged in writing. It is always great to visit classrooms and see children excited and keen to learn!



Welcome back everyone!

Within a week, we will be moving into our new building. It looks fantastic!

I have had many parents, students and staff discuss with me about new furniture in classrooms. In my first year of teaching (back in 1992), I remember spending days setting my seats in perfect rows, organising my desk and putting up displays. I even remember using a metre ruler and permanent marker to draw straight lines on the blackboard to assist with handwriting lessons! We believed that putting students in rows, facing the front of the room would make them easier to control and they would learn from the ‘chalk and talk’! Students were to be quiet, except for me out the front.

How things have changed……we moved to group and collaborative seating and now, research is clearly telling us, that traditional classroom furniture impedes learning. Most classrooms are not set up to encourage creativity, movement or collaborating with others. Having flexible, collaborative furniture encourages our students (and gives a clear message) that straight rows encourages teacher talk and desks in groups encourages collaboration and working together.

Our Year 6 classrooms for next year contain furniture that is flexible and encourages collaboration and learning, ready for high school. In the next week, the new classrooms will be open and I encourage you to have a look. I have taken our Year 5 students through and they are very excited about the learning space when they enter next year. They see it as inviting, student-centred and flexible.

Hope you get an opportunity to check out our new building in the next few weeks- you are most welcome!

13/02/19 Parent Information Forum