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Good Shepherd Primary School

Principal’s Blog


We’re in!

Welcome to my blog! I haven’t done a blog before- bear with me!

I want this blog to be amusing, personal and interesting! It is a way for me to share my thoughts, feelings and excitement as Principal of our school.

So here goes…..

Today was very exciting! We moved into our new building…after many, many months of planning, meeting and disruption! The staff are happy, the students excited, and the Principal relieved that so far it has gone without a hitch! There are a few little things to do… but we’re in!

You are most welcome to come and have a look too!




Principals Blog

I am amazed at the work-ethic of our staff here at Good Shepherd! Don’t listen to others- teaching is not a 9-3 job! Today, I have just finished a day of Kinder interviews. I just walked in the staffroom (at 6pm) to find two teachers proof reading reports, others working in their rooms. (Don’t worry, I told them to go home!) I have attached a photo of a recent staff meeting whereby teachers were doing hands-on Mathematics during a recent Professional Learning presentation. They not only teach 9-3, but attend staff meetings to improve their teaching and sit late into the evening reading reports!

Having quality and hard-working staff makes my job easier! We are honestly blessed at Good Shepherd.