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School of Hope

Good Shepherd’s partnership with the School of Hope began in 2011.

Ms Penny vanZwol’s Year 5 class was completing a Religion unit on social justice and service to others. To make it a ‘real’ experience for the children Penny joined forces with Jann and Simon Carroll from Global School Partners.

Good Shepherd was one of the first schools in Canberra to join Global School Partners and so our association with The School of Hope in Kenya began.

Year 5 vanZwol raised money to supply the School of Hope with a small water tank for drinking water. Jann gave each of the children a box of Smarties. They were allowed to eat the smarties but were challenged to brink back the Smartie box full of money. They were asked – What can you do to get the money? The children planned to do a variety of jobs where they could earn money and then bring it in to school which is what they did.

Jann and Simon from Global School Partners are committed to building children’s knowledge and understanding of a lifelong commitment to social justice.

From this initial donation by 5 vanZwol our whole school became involved. It has been through the enthusiasm and generosity of our school community that we have been able to raise money for the following –
– a container of school and sport supplies
– flushing toilets
– a classroom
– electricity
– mobile library and library books
– bricks to build another classroom
Being a partner with the School of Hope is a real opportunity for the children to live out our school prayer by being the hands, eyes, voice and feet of God.
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