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The proven notion that ‘children learn to read by reading and children learn to write by writing’ underpins our approach to teaching Literacy at Good Shepherd. Daily sessions of sustained independent reading and sustained independent writing, coupled with the freedom of choice, aim to develop in the children literary interest and stamina. Regular 1:1 conferencing sessions occur in every grade, during which the children and teacher discuss strengths and identify areas for growth, in both their reading and writing.

Our younger students participate in a range of multi-sensory literacy activities that include explicit phonological instruction, which complement each other and our holistic approach to developing literacy skills. We encourage parents to share the reading experience with their child daily, and emphasise the importance of home-support when it comes to developing our students into literate citizens.

Our plentiful classroom libraries give the children a wide range of texts from which to select their personal reading material. Teachers model reading each and every day – for both instructional and entertaining purposes. We have a growing outdoor library which the children can access at recess and lunch. Our school library is open also, at both break times.

We hope to promote a love of words and an awareness of the strategies that will develop the children into skilled spellers. We use the Australian Curriculum as our basis for skills and content, and recognise the connectedness of all Literacy skills. Literacy experiences at our school are not confined to our English block. It is foundational to all teaching and learning experiences.