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School Chaplain

             Role of the Student Welfare Officer                                                     (Chaplain)


  • The role of the Chaplain is work with ALL students, carers, families and staff to provide social and emotional support.
  • To actively promote student well being, for example;
  •  Offer opportunities for students to take part in activities that promote and build positive relationships.
  • Provide support on a day to day basis on a range of matters affecting the school community, and communicate with a diverse group of people, thereby enhancing community engagement.
  • Work with students individually or in groups, using age appropriate and solution focused models of intervention.
  • Assisting the school counselor and teaching staff in provision of student welfare services.
  • Provide support and services appropriate to each student’s context.
  • Provide support to students on following issues; friendship, family breakdown, bereavement or other loss and crisis situation.
  • Provide ongoing support to students, staff and families.
  • To respond by addressing individual’s present unique circumstances. Uphold the importance of holistic care by addressing the connections between physical, social and physiological factors.

Where necessary, facilitate access to outside agencies in our local community for further support.

Good Shepherds School Chaplain is Mrs Prisca Chimiti who can be contacted via our front office on 02 62557888.

Mrs Chimiti’s hours are Mon-Wed 9 Am until 2pm.

Please refer to the directory below for useful resources for parents. 

Student welfare directory 2018