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Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Program

Members of Good Shepherd School community believe the adoption of a positive and preventative approach to Student Behaviour Support should:

~ create a co-operative and positive attitude to problem solving in the school community;

~ increase and widen student’s sense of belonging in the school;

~ allow the development of behaviour expectations and conflict resolution procedures which will promote self-discipline;

~ improve curriculum and instructional practices, which should have a positive effect on student’s attitudes, behaviour and academic results;

~ allow the school community to sensitively handle personal situations which may be affecting life within the school;

~ strengthen the interaction between the school and home;

~ allow students to regulate their own behaviour;

~ establish acceptable patterns of behaviour which reflect Gospel values and so allow students to develop a conscience, sense of responsibility and willingness to undertake social action;

~ develop a strong sense of self-worth in students, and

~ develop a sense of respect for each individual.



Positive behaviour support is based on a balance of rights, responsibilities and consequences. In a supportive school environment, promoting school and classroom rules, and maintaining fair and just consequences, protects rights and promotes responsibility for actions.


School Rules

          At Good Shepherd our School Rules are:

                Be Safe

                Be Respectful

                Be Kind

                Be Your Best


These rules are also highlighted through our Whole-School Positive Support framework which is a regular focus for reflection and action in classrooms and at whole school level. For further information click here.