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Year 6 Leadership Program

Leadership at Good Shepherd Primary School is a developmental experience throughout the year. We base our Leadership program on three central pillars inspired by the quote from John Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” John Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books on leadership.

A Leader is one who knows the way

Year 6 Leadership at Good Shepherd Primary School starts at the very beginning of the year. The students spend a day with Lorin Nicholson. He is a legally blind motivational speaker who uses his own life experiences to encourage, empower and inspire others to ‘climb their own mountain’ regardless of the challenges they may face. Lorin defines the qualities of a leader and helps the students to set goals and expectations for the year ahead.

We also believe in giving the students opportunities to prove they are reliable and responsible. We achieve this by allocating various jobs around the school to the Year 6 students. Some of these jobs include putting up the flags on a Monday morning, reading out birthdays and notices at morning assembly, ensuring paper bins are wheeled out on collection day and setting up cones in the car park before afternoon pick up.

A leader is one who goes the way

In addition, as the year progresses, our leaders also become advocates for Caritas Project Compassion. They are allocated to classes and are responsible for encouraging them- through video clips and posters- to inspire their peers to donate money to Caritas Australia.

We have recently reintroduced the Peer Support program. This year’s theme is ‘Promoting Harmony’. The Year 6 students spend 2 days in training and they then carry out weekly sessions in groups of 12 across the entire school. The sessions involve games and activities aimed at promoting harmony, building social awareness, boosting resilience and allowing students from across grades to interact together and get to know one another.

A leader is one who shows the way

Year 6 students are also required to serve as role models. They are partnered up with a Kindergarten student and through a buddy system they provide encouragement and support, as well as lending a helping hand when the need arises. The buddy system is an effective way of fostering a sense of community within the school and both the Year 6 students and the Kindy students thrive from the interaction.

It is through goal setting, carrying out jobs efficiently and being a supportive and caring buddy that the Year 6 students earn their special Leadership shirts and badges. These are awarded in a Leadership Assembly towards the end of Term 1. Each student is individually acknowledged for their willingness to serve as a leader at Good Shepherd Primary School.

In summary, leadership at Good Shepherd Primary School is a guided journey through which the students are encouraged to grow in confidence, face challenges with enthusiasm and optimism and provide support to their peers in younger years. All in all, we aim to inspire the students to ‘become the Heart of God in Amaroo.’