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The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) takes place every year.

The NCCD is a collection that counts:

  • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability
  • the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.

 Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without a disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

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NCCD Newsletter

Fact sheet for Parents Guardians and Carers

2020 NCCD Information for Parents

Bus Information for Parents

Transport Canberra has worked closely with the school community and they are providing increased frequency and additional services for school students across Canberra.

As a new timetable is being introduced, there will be minor changes for all students traveling to and from school on public transport across Canberra from the first day of Term 3, 2020 (Monday 20 July 2020). In most cases, this will mean that students will catch the same service from the same stop, but the times that services arrive and leave may change.

 In addition, Transport Canberra has made the following changes:

Three new school bus routes for Amaroo School and Good Shepherd Primary

  • From Term 3, three new school special routes will be introduced for students at Amaroo School and Good Shepherd Primary:
    • School route 1064 for students in Bonner and Forde;
    • School route 1065 for students in Casey and Ngunnawal; and
    • School route 1066 for students in Moncrieff.
  • These services will run in both the morning and afternoon on school days, stop directly outside the schools on Burdekin Avenue.
  • Alternatively, students can continue to use route 19/20 and route 25/26 services for travel to and from Amaroo School and Good Shepherd Primary.

All schools, parents and students can find out more about the specific changes by:

  • checking the information packs for each school, which are online at
  • checking timetables for each route (including school specials), which are online at
  • calling 13 17 10.

Hours of operation

The school day begins at 8:50am, at which time the children line up for assembly in the courtyard. The school day concludes at 3:10pm. There are two breaks in the school day: recess from 11:00–11:40am, and lunch from 1:10–1:50pm. Supervised eating time at recess is between 11:10-11:20am, and supervised eating time at lunch is 1:10–1:20pm. 

Parking, drop off and pick up For convenience in the mornings, a ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone is located along the front of the administration building. Parents are encouraged to use this if they do not intend to stay at the school. Parents are asked to note the disabled parking zones.
Due to limited car parking space and with the aim to reduce congestion, the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone becomes the pick-up zone in the afternoon. The car park adjacent to the church is available for parents who wish to leave their vehicles to collect their children.
We request each family to have a card with their name in large print displayed on the dashboard as they drive through pick-up. Our front office staff can provide this on request. The teacher on duty will call each family name as the car approaches so that those children can come to the kerb. This enables a quick and safe collection of children. Pick-up begins at 3:20 pm each afternoon. Parents are asked not to queue before this time, to allow other cars to exit the carpark. At no time is parking permitted in the drop-off and pick-up zone. 
Children should be collected by 3:30pm, when supervision finishes.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Good Shepherd Amaroo we value and welcome parental participation throughout the year. All volunteers to ACT schools must provide the school with their current Working with Vulnerable People card and sign in each time they are volunteering.  

Opportunities to volunteer include: 

  • In-class
  • Sport
  • Community Events
  • Community Council
  • Parish
  • Good Shepherd Knitting Group

Using the Qkr! app

Payments for non-school fee items and events can be made through the Qkr! app. This app is available for you to download for free to your mobile device. At Good Shepherd this app is used to pay for items such as:

  • school sporting events and carnivals,
  • Sacramental program payments,
  • second hand uniform payments,
  • Community Council events eg: Mother's Day/Father's Day stall etc
  • canteen orders.

Register or sign in using this link 

School Counsellor 

As part of their pastoral care program for students, Catholic Schools have access to a Student and Family Counselling service provided by Catholic Care Canberra & Goulburn (CCG). CCG are contracted by Catholic Education and Congregational Schools to provide a counseling service to students and their families. There is no fee to access this service. Counselors can be contacted directly in person at the school, through the school front office or staff, or through the CCG Red Hill office on (02) 6162 6100.

Student Welfare Officer

The role of the Student Welfare Officer is to work with all students, carers, families and staff to provide social and emotional support to actively promote student well-being. Good Shepherd's Student Welfare Officer is Mrs Terree Olive who can be contacted via our front office on 02 62557888 (Mon - Wed)

Parent Library

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School has a Parent’s library found within the administration block for parents to access a variety of information material. The Parent’s library establishment is for a variety of reasons:

  • To ensure parents have fair access to information material that responds to the social wellbeing needs of the school community.
  • Offer information that matches the demographics for our school community
  • The library will help connect families with information material to help make informed decisions on issues such as mental health, guides to Child and Family Programs, and service Centres within our local communities.
  • Connecting families with information resources they need for, Before and After school cares services, school holiday programs, and recreational places in our communities.
  • The Parent’s library gives opportunities for socialization to both students and parents.
  • Parenttv is a platform available for parents, carers and the Good Shepherd community. The login is available from the flyer in the link attached. School Flyer Good Shepherd.
  • Parent's or family’s engagement is important in the student’s primary school years and parent’s connection to the school relates to student’s academic success and their wellbeing.

The school welcomes feedback and suggestions from parents/carers. For more information contact the School Student Wellbeing Officer (Chaplain) on 02 62557888.

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